IEI provides a low risk, innovative, single solution to our clients’ needs for environmental planning and compliance services, site characterization and remediation, environmental safety and health program management, hazardous material/HTRW management, industrial hygiene services. We streamline start-up, ensure well-managed execution, and enhance regulatory compliance based on our work in 44 states/69 countries with commercial clients, local housing authorities, private clients, and federal agencies including USACE Baltimore, USACE Omaha, NAVFAC Washington, NAVFAC MidLant, NAVFAC Far-East, DoS, DOL, HUD, and FOH. Our team of over 100 personnel includes: Professional Engineers (PE), Professional Geologists (PG), Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH), Certified Safety Professionals (CSP), Quality Control Managers, Environmental Professionals, Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (CHMM), Project Managers, LEED Professionals, Certified Abatement Supervisors and Workers, and Housing Inspectors. We enhance cost and time savings by leveraging deep internal resources including financial, managerial, staff, equipment, and administrative and communication processes. We achieve client satisfaction with on-time and on-budget project performance resulting from proven management systems governing quality, performance, safety, and communication.



IEI provides comprehensive environmental planning and compliance services in accordance with federal, state, local, international, and industry regulations and best practices including AIHA, ASHRAE, ANSI, SDWA, CAA, RCRA/CERCLA, and NPDES. We provide regulatory interaction and negotiation for site closure and client-specific guidance to meet DoD, DoS, EPA, DOT, NIST, HUD, and other agency requirements. To complement our standard compliance services, we provide emergency sampling, data management, and lab services for soil, groundwater, surface water, and air.


IEI provides site reconnaissance and characterization including soil, groundwater, surface water, and soil gas sampling along with associated sampling, site safety, and QC plans. Our services also include remedial design and action, operation and monitoring of remediation and treatment systems, removal and replacement of above/underground storage tanks, excavation, site restoration, decontamination/decommissioning, and emergency response. We accelerate schedules and reduce costs through real-time, field-based decision making using both traditional and innovative approaches including direct sensing technologies.


IEI provides comprehensive occupational health and safety requirements through effective ES&H Program Management systems developed by CSPs and CIHs. We reduce risk by ensuring that all applicable training, permits, and certifications are in place to support safety audits that assess, address, and monitor potential occupational hazards including exposure monitoring, ergonomic safety, hazardous materials management, and radiation protection. To mitigate legal risk, our team of Subject Matter Experts provide OSHA litigation expert witness capabilities.


Led by trained, licensed and certified professionals including CHMMs, IEI specializes in hazardous material management including asbestos, lead, HTRW, radiation, and PCBs. Our AHERA-certified asbestos supervisors/workers design, plan, oversee, monitor, and execute asbestos abatement projects, and our experienced, licensed lead inspectors and abatement supervisors currently work in 37 states. Our team can meet specialized client needs including cleared spaces, overseas facilities, occupied buildings, laboratories, and rapid mobilizations in emergency situations. We protect our clients by providing management, disposal, transportation, tracking, and documentation for hazardous waste per RCRA, DOT, and other applicable regulations.


IEI provides a single solution for industrial hygiene needs with a staff of CIHs, CSPs, and certified lead paint inspectors/risk assessors and asbestos project monitors. We provide timely and accurate IH services with in-house sampling and testing capabilities, IH equipment and supplies, and strategically located warehouses and staffing. IEI has subject matter expertise in indoor air quality assessments, worker exposure monitoring, ergonomics, and other facility safety and environmental hazards.


Our Technical staff provides consulting services to NASA and DOE on laser safety, LLRW, and mixed waste management. Our radioactive and mixed waste management services include development of cost effective options for waste disposal, waste transportation, and waste acceptance criteria development.