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Smart Buildings
Building Automations 
& Controls

IEI is committed to integrating green technology to proactively support goals for sustainability and conservation.

At IEI, our dedication to sustainability is at the core of our operations. We are at the vanguard of integrating green technologies, underscoring our commitment to eco-friendly practices and conservation efforts.

Building Automation Systems (BAS) for Energy Efficiency: The heart of our energy conservation strategy lies in sophisticated Building Automation Systems (BAS). These systems are instrumental in diminishing energy consumption, harmonizing various building systems, and curbing operational costs. Our interactive dashboards and automated data collection are pivotal in implementing green building practices and monitoring conservation efforts. Our adept team brings comprehensive BAS expertise, enhancing system performance, optimizing efficiency, and extending equipment longevity. We've catered to a spectrum of client needs, managing new and existing BAS installations in diverse environments—from historical landmarks to state-of-the-art constructions, expansive campuses to federal facilities—across the globe.

Advancing Green Technologies: IEI embraces a variety of Green Technologies:

  • Smart Lighting and Occupancy Sensors: Harnessing technology that adjusts to occupancy, ensuring energy is not wasted.

  • Energy Management Systems: Sophisticated systems that provide a macro and micro view of energy consumption, allowing for informed decisions and reduced energy usage.

  • Advanced Metering: Precise measurement tools for water and electricity usage promote conservation and help identify savings opportunities.

  • Alternative Energy Systems: We implement cutting-edge photovoltaic solutions and thermal hot water systems to leverage renewable energy sources.

Comprehensive Technical Services: Our technicians are skilled in the full spectrum of services that ensure your BAS and smart systems are always at peak performance. From initial design and system upgrades to preventative maintenance and effective troubleshooting—our services are comprehensive. We adopt a flexible and scalable approach, crafting maintenance programs that are perfectly sized to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Tailored Solutions for Maximum Efficiency: IEI's solutions are not just smart, they're intelligent. We tailor our approach to meet the specific priorities and concerns of our clients, whether it’s building pressurization, optimized ventilation, or any other building automation challenge.

Experience the future of intelligent building management with IEI—where sustainability meets technology.

This rewrite aims to emphasize IEI's commitment to sustainability through the use of smart technologies and its ability to provide tailored, efficient solutions for building automation and energy management.

BAS capabilities, logos (2).png

• BAS Application Engineering

• BAS Installations & Commissioning

• BAS Preventative Maintenance & Troubleshooting

• System Integration with Various Manufacturers

Calibration & Testing of the Controls Components or Systems

• Energy Audits

• Facility Assessments

• System Design Consultations & Upgrades

• System & Software Upgrades

• Indoor Climate Audits  

• Real-Time Monitoring Cost Analysis

• Energy Assessment & Management

• Web Accessible Systems

• Signal Graphical Interface

• Retro-Commissioning

• Third-Party Commissioning

• Energy Optimization

• Building Advocation

• Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

• Healthy Buildings Dashboards

• Ergonomic Assessment & Training

• LEED Certification

• WELL Certification

• EnergyStar Certification

Commitment to Green Technology

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