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IEI is at the forefront of technological innovation, harnessing the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver state-of-the-art solutions tailored to our clients' unique objectives. Our mission is to create safe, efficient, and effective technologies that address critical needs while prioritizing safety. Below are key examples of our pioneering work.

iGART System Development with DOE: Collaborating with the Department of Energy (DOE), IEI is at the helm of developing the iGart system, a groundbreaking mobile robot designed for radiological screening in diverse environments. Recognizing the inherent risks of hazardous site assessments, we've equipped iGart with advanced sensors and software, enabling it to be operated remotely in both manual and autonomous modes. This robust system adeptly navigates challenging terrains and withstands adverse weather conditions. With iGart, clients gain the capability to conduct remote investigations and surveys, substantially minimizing the exposure of personnel to radiation and unsafe environments. Its sophisticated autonomous path planning and sensor orientation ensure consistent, high-quality data collection.

Revolutionizing Housing Inspections with AI: In a transformative collaboration, IEI is utilizing AI technology to enhance the quality of housing nationwide. With millions residing in rental assistance programs, the annual requirement for HQS/NSPIRE Inspections by PHAs presents logistical challenges. To streamline this process, we offer a user-friendly application that allows tenants or landlords to efficiently submit inspection data. Our AI system, overseen by certified inspectors, boasts an impressive 99% accuracy rate in identifying compliance issues against HUD Guidelines. The Inspective program is versatile, supporting various inspection types and offering benefits such as flexible scheduling, reduced travel needs, and cost savings. Constantly evolving, Inspective embodies IEI's commitment to innovative and progressive solutions for housing quality assurance.

IEI is dedicated to continuous innovation, constantly exploring and enhancing our technology to redefine what's possible for our clients and their communities.

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